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Welcome to my world! Through my music you will get to know my heart, my purpose and my drive. Thank you for stopping by, you are always welcome here! Please enjoy my latest singles "truth," and "one night" and feel free to check out my visual art and wearable art apparel line using the scat art collection link above. Thank you in advance for your support! xoxo -NJ

***Welcome to 2023! In reflection, 2020 was a major year of loss, sacrifice, but also perseverance, growth and appreciation of God's blessings. During the pandemic I learned to record and decided to upload an unedited rendition of my favorite Christmas song, All I Want For Xmas Is You. Please forgive any imperfections as I am new to this lol :) I enjoyed so many touring and performance opportunities from 2021-2022 and now it's time for new music! Please look out for my upcoming 2023 official EP coming soon and my Christmas EP at the end of 2023! Thank you again!***

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